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Bringing Artificial Intelligence into Life

Machine learning (ML) hides behind almost any aspect of our daily or business life.

Nothing new: in 1959, it was defined by Arthur Samuel as the subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Thanks to the coexistence of personal computing, the Internet and the arrival of cloud computing, ML offers the opportunity to drive business benefits with data-based artificial intelligence (AI). However, what are the main challenges to overcome for a Swiss company willing to integrate AI in its commercial strategy ?

Three conditions to make money with AI

Still five years ago, no day would pass without hearing someone complain about the offshoring of customer service. Nowadays offshoring is being replaced by chat-shoring! Most of AI solutions are indeed developed to perform a very specific function, computationally complex but rather well-defined. Examples include IBM’s Watson, self-driving cars or chatbots.

To implement an efficient AI use case, a business needs:

  • a good understanding of its data flows ;
  • an understanding of the various types of algorithms available and the types of problems to which they can be applied ;
  • a thorough understanding of how the ML process works.

The biggest irony about AI is that – despite the many things it can already tell us – it cannot say how it will eventually impact our lives. The Swiss AI Day aims to show you the most significant experiences driven in terms of AI and features the best experts sharing their insights. This week we introduce you to Heather Fraser (IBM Institute for Business Value) and Ralph Rimet (La Mobilière), both from the business side of AI.

Swiss AI Day: EmPOWER your Business! is a one-day English speaking conference held at Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern on June 14th. Keynotes & use cases will be presented by Swiss and international speakers, smoothly interrupted by networking breaks including catering. Program and online registration:

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